For years I’ve had back problems & irregularity. A nutritionist told me I have a spastic colon so I’ve just learned to struggle with it. Last fall I finally decided to have Pathways Chiropractic help me with my discomforts. After testing my body’s reaction to different chemicals, the doctor prescribed some natural pills/capsules to clear my body of those toxics. In just 2 weeks I began waking up feeling more rested & having more energy. I’d tell friends that I know this sounds “quacky”, but I really am feeling better. I continue to enjoy better health, month by month under Pathway’s care.

I have total faith in Pathways Chiropractic. The doctor has proven to me, in a professional way, he is a skilled, educated, and knowledgeable doctor who is truly dedicated to helping his patients enjoy a more healthy lifestyle.


Marge H.

I had been affected by knee and hip pain since the fall of 2009. I tried physical therapy followed by cortisone injections with some relief. (Being in the medical field I took the route of traditional medicine.)

Still affected by pain, my friends at ‘Curves’ said I should try chiropractic care, as in “see Dr. Kramer.” I had some relief after the first adjustment; however, after a few weeks, I was having “pain-free” days and not waking up during the night with my knees aching.

For me…Chiropractic Care = Pain Relief! Wish I had started sooner. Thank you, Dr. Kramer!


Dawn G.

My first visits were due to severe back and hip pain. I felt confident after my first visit, and happy to say, after a few visits with his knowledge and gentle manipulation, I was extremely happy with the results!

I have a condition that cannot be cured, but with Dr. Kramer’s expert caring adjustments I am able to do many things I otherwise would not be doing.

Thank you, Dr. Kramer! I don’t hesitate to refer folks to your office and let them know Dr. Kramer is why I’m still vertical!


Tudy C.

Dr. Kramer and all the staff are wonderful. I’ve suffered daily headaches for a long time due to TMJ and being without them after treatment at Pathways has been a blessing!


Angela D.

For the past 25 years, I have suffered from neck and back pain. The pain could be anywhere from mild to severe at any given time. I would respond by ignoring the pain until it would subside on its own sometimes lasting for months. The pain would limit my activity and interfere with my daily routine. I am a very active person so this would be very frustrating. I had reached the point where I could not walk correctly and could not perform menial tasks such as cleaning my home. I felt like I was well beyond my years physically.

I finally made the decision to try Chiropractic care. I began treatment with Dr. Kramer and was extremely pleased with the results. Within 2 weeks, I felt dramatically better. I am now seeking care on a regular basis and am able to do things I thought I would never do again. I am jogging five times a week, playing ball with my two yellow labs, and am able to clean my own home. The headaches I once had from my neck pain are gone. I am now a true advocate of Chiropractic care and recommend it to anyone who is experiencing pain or is interested in a maintenance program to prevent developing future problems.


Lou Ann R.

I recently referred my son to Dr. Steve Kramer for some care on his recurring back pains, which can be excruciating for him. In just a few days, my son said he felt noticeably better and is getting great care from Dr. Kramer and his staff. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard Dr. Kramer and the great team down at Pathways are giving exceptional care. Frankly, I’ve heard it each time I’ve referred a friend or family member to the good Doctor and his staff. It’s clear they’re dedicated to providing extraordinary health care, and you can trust Dr. Kramer and his team to focus on your needs and helping you to find your path to better health…Naturally!


Michael B.