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Nutrition for Vibrant Health

Are you confused about what “good nutrition” is? I feel, as I am sure many of you do, the information about nutrition is constantly changing and we would be right. With all the advancements in science and research new guide lines about nutrition are being told to the public practically daily. So what do we do with all the information. We look for some consistency.


One place you can go to get inspired for healthy meals are magazines or cookbooks.  Look for a book that has a lot of variety.Remember to get vegetables, fruit whole grains and protein in every meal.

Think about who you are cooking for and consider any health they or you may be facing. For example if you or someone you love has heart disease you may want to emphasize vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

Have a plan or make a menu for yourself. This way you are more likely to stick to your new diet.  When going to the grocery store go for the fresh/unprocessed food.  Hint: stay in the perimeter of the store and don’t linger in the snack or candy aisles.

Hit up the Farmers Market. It is a great place to get locally grown food and you can ask questions or get new ideas for great foods!!

DO NOT FORGET SUPPLEMENTS. Remember that supplements supplement your foods they do not replace an unhealthy diet. We recommend mostly: Multi Vitamin, Fish Oil, Reacted Mg, Probiotic and Vitamin D but remember that your needs may be different. Make sure to ask a professional about your needs



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